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Heat sink
Telecommunication ]
6061-T6 Aluminum

PRÉCINOV is a machine shop specialized in the machining of small to medium parts at a high level of complexity and precision. PRÉCINOV works mainly in the high technology field, such as opto-mechanical, telecommunication, medical, electronics, energy and others. We offer a range of manufacturing services such as prototyping, mechanical design and are specialized in the production of small and medium batch of parts.

At PRÉCINOV, precision, attention to detail in aesthetics parts and strict compliance with the specifications of our customers are part of our company values. That's why we use a rigorous quality control system, from the order to delivery and more.

Our expertise allows us to offer a professional service at the cutting edge of technology. It allows you to optimize your production cost as well as your new products' marketing time.

PRÉCINOV is a strategic partner of your success in the realization of your ideas. With PRÉCINOV, you have a clear conscience